You don't have to have it all.

We've got you covered.

Want to participate in a Roam venture but don't have exactly the right bike, sleeping bag or other necessary gear? We've can set you up with rental equipment ahead of your trip.


Whether road, mountain or gravel, we've got access to a variety of rental bikes in all sizes from our partners who can equip you with the best of the best. Heck even if you do have a bike you've ridden for years, sometimes it's nice just to try out the latest and greatest.

Anything on the Pack List

Most of what you need is provided with your trip. But if there's something crucial you either forgot or need to borrow, such as a sleeping bag, vanity kit or otherwise, we can pre-pack for you. Just indicate to us what you'd like to not bother with in your pack list and we'll handle it so all you practically have to do is show up. However, we do think it's probably best if you do the underwear part yourself.